Comparison of Web Development Frameworks

Frameworks are considered as the essential part of the Web Developments and considered as the standard web application that rises to the modern day. Most of the website developers mainly use the high-end framework along with development tools for creating everything faster and efficient manner. With the use of the Web Development Frameworks, it is much more significant option for upgrading to the latest developments in the most innovative way. Successful web developer has the necessary knowledge in the Web Development Frameworks for ensuring to develop and design features in the website at the fast, reliable, and adaptive manner.

With the use of the high-end Web Development Frameworks, it is a much more efficient option for building the interactive and rich web application innovatively. Normally, the website application has the Front-end or client-side, and back-end or server-side frameworks are enabled. Below is the list of Web Development Frameworks Comparison

Ruby on Rails:

Ruby on Rails is one of the best productive web application framework that helps the user to quickly develop on the application much faster than that of the typical Java framework. Ruby on Rails has everything that is needed for creating the database-driven web application. It mainly uses the Model-View-Controller pattern.

  • Cost-effective
  • Promotes bug-free development
  • Excellent quality
  • Scalable


The ReactJS is a javascript framework that offers more view level along call back functions to render HTML code. ReactJS is powerful front-end frameworks and suitable for making the Rich internet applications.

  • Fast rendering views
  • Display a big amount of data
  • Creates virtual DOM


Django framework helps to build on the quality web application ultimately. The Django framework has been mainly invented to enable fast work to meet newsroom deadlines and completely satisfies the requirements of web developers. Most of the Django developers stated that this is one of the secure and scalable frameworks.

Angular (previously Angular JS):

Angular JS is one of the ultimate Framework by Google and helps to build a powerful website application. This framework is extensively useful for building the large scale as well as higher performance web app to keep everything maintained. Many numbers of web applications are available for building using this Angular.

  • Consistency
  • Modularity
  • Catch Errors Early
  • Productivity
  • Maintainability


ASP.NET is also a robust framework that has been developed by Microsoft. ASP.NET helps the developers to build a robust web application that is mainly suitable for the Mobile and PC. With the use of this lightweight and high-performance framework, it is mainly ideal for building a secure web application. The framework is mainly enabled with higher productivity, speed, and power.

  • Framework technology reduces coding time
  • Performs better out of the box
  • Secure applications build on this framework
  • Complementary design
  • Rich toolbox as Visual Studio
  • Continuous monitoring option


Laravel is also considered as the best framework that has been created in 2011 by Taylor Otwell. Laravel has the MVC architectural pattern, so it is helpful for the web developers for adding more number of attributes. Laravel extensively is readable, simplicity, and elegance. You could also conveniently learn and develop the web application using the Laravel. It mainly has a robust set of features along with the minimum feature as the Plugin.

  • Fast development cycles
  • The large web development community
  • Easier to configure
  • Better packaging system and dedicated dependency manager


Web development frameworks become the most important for the web developers and mainly depend on client and business for selecting the suitable framework in web portal developments. The back-end web development framework is mainly based on the clients for creating a web portal. Angular and ReactJS are quite popular Front-end web development, which is a suitable framework in various manner.