5 PPC Trends You Need To Know In 2020

As the curtains have come to a close for the year 2019, there is much that has been achieved in the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing industry. Aside from the milestones reached, there has also been an initiation of follow-up trends for the coming year. Would you like to know the 5 PPC trends that will have a significant impact in 2020?

Well, you have reached out for the right place as we have everything you need to know on this.

Trends to watch out for in 2020

Human Intelligence and Automation

Everyone is aware of automation when it comes to PPC marketing. If you had followed 2019 trends then you must have realized that the search engine has already taken major strides in this. In 2020 marketers will most likely adopt these automated bidding strategies instead of third-party tools.


Smaller businesses have clearly understood that brand awareness is a key aspect of any successful digital marketing campaigns. As an outcome, more online campaigns are now being designed with that as the primary objective, and in turn, a video format has now become the desired medium choice.

Why “Video marketing” is so impactful?

  • More than 14 billion videos are watched daily on social media platforms
  • Video story ads increase purchase intent and ad recall.
  • Sponsored videos on Instagram get 4x more comments.
  • 74% of customers said that watching a video convinced to purchase a product. 

Amazon marketplace

For retailers all across the globe, Amazon has a large appeal. We have seen retailers try and become less dependent on one channel to market their business, and Amazon offers a very attractive alternative with its wide range of audience and specific targeting.

Visual Search

Visual search is basically an actual picture taken as the search query instead of typing text. While the technology is still advancing as we speak, we could see major advances in 2019 as brands continuously battle with each other to become your go-to visual search app.

Affordable LinkedIn Ads

With Facebook increasing their price to $2-$3/click, LinkedIn ads are starting to look more and more affordable and effective, especially since B2B marketing on Facebook has become notoriously more complex after the upgrades in Facebook’s algorithm.