Sewing Machine Management Software Development in Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida and Gurugram

As custom-made tailoring is a very monotonous task and when you have an immense patron managing the task is over again a very massive concern. Our adapting management or stitching order management software comforts your work by easiest mechanization of the procedure. Our software encompasses more or less all the features of the tailoring. Our software is so enormous and responsive that unlike most of the tailoring companies you don't have to manage any blue-collar book. With the easiest operations all the procedure will be easily handled and consumers will at all times stay updated about the status of their orders. Our Tailoring Software is previously working in several primary custom tailoring and stitching shops, Boutiques. One of the topmost trades are Raymond Shops.

Why Go for World IT Zone Tailoring and Stitching Software :

Easy to use multiuser software - More than one user can utilize the software and admin can describe the user privileges

Cloud based application - Now there is no any necessity of hardware or well-matched OS you can just make use of software on cloud

Inventory Management Features - Now manage your tailoring inventory like buttons, hangers and covers in the software and minimum level alert system

SMS & Email alert system - Simply send the SMS to clients for transactional or promotional determination

Use of web cam for fabric or any type of design - Use web cam for fabric or loading of any design

Demo designs which customer can select easily - Customer can easily opt for the cloth design

Easy accounting and Pending List - Offer hassle-free accounting feature and the list of the pending payments

To offer tailored stitching services, World IT Zone follows the Fabric-to-Garment Stitching Process. In this procedure, the pre-stitched fabric is referred from the store to the workshop, where they are sewed and transformed into clothes.

The Fabric-to-Garment Stitching Process was individuals-driven, and involved time overriding and physical paper-based activities.

World IT Zone wanted to progress a Tailoring Management System (TMS) which mechanizes and modernizes the activities incorporated in their Fabric-to-Garment Stitching Process. They wanted to utilize TMS for various stores and workshops, situated at diverse physical sites, to maintain data transparency.

World IT Zone builds a software team custom-made for each client with the ability combination, comprising mobile, cloud, big data analytics and enterprise software. The team flawlessly combines with the client's manufacturing team; assisting them develops software in a flexible, investment-effectual and frictionless way.

With Agile software development processes, the company allows clients to foray a balance between 'how' to create software and flexibility of 'what' to craft.