5 Ways to Use Facebook Messenger Bots for Your Small Business

Majority of internet consumers have turned to social media messaging, including Facebook Messenger, to search answers for their queries, comments, and complaints. While there are tools that will help you manage customer messages, sometimes they’re just not enough especially in a world which is always short on time.

Why use Chatbots?

Facebook Messenger chatbots will help you automatically provide your consumers with immediate responses. It frees up your customer service team to handle more serious customer matters and issues.

What are the benefits of Chatbot?

Autonomous – They can be left turned on 24/7 giving all the answers they’ve been taught.

Worth Your Investment – By setting up a chatbot you’re saving yourselves the trouble of handling customer queries yourself.

Time-efficient – They solve the all time sales problem- Long term replies.

5 most effective ways to use Facebook messenger

Personalized Approach

Most of the businesses’ use chatbots to focus solely on their content; the chatbots serve as an expansion of their content marketing strategy. These bots enhance relationships with clients and provide immediate response without any work on the user’s part.7

Things to keep in mind before setting up personalized Chatbot

  • Treat your chatbot like content marketing.
  • Inform your customers how and where to contact you
  • Create a mobile-responsive website.

Expand brand awareness

Utilize your Chatbot to let people know what your company offers, particularly when communicating with people who have recently become a part of your beloved business. This is one of the most ideal ways to get you client’s interest.

Encourage your customers

Once you’ve applied one or both of the features to warm your targeted audience up, you can start directing them to your website pages. However, always ensure that you make it feel natural and conversational and NOT like a sales pitch.

Customer service

Customer Service is an area which can be greatly improved and has been greatly improved by Messenger chatbots. This could be a great way to cut expenses on customer service teams and to be able to provide assistance to customers outside of the working hours.

Content promotion

Promote your content online with use of a bot, by making users aware of your business updates such as product launches and weekly updates. Most of the large enterprises provide their people with daily information updates, breaking news and live markets data.