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CRM is a short form for Customer Relationship Management. Let’s take a look at why it is so important. First of all, one must realize that even though the products and/or services we are trying to sell are ‘things’, the people behind the scenes involved in selling them are very ‘human’. It is this very ‘human' feature of the business that CRM Software Serves to address, by focusing on the ‘relationship part of the term, which, quite interestingly, finds itself in the ‘center ' of the short form itself.

World IT Zone work in a competitive business environment. Here, clients are constantly bombarded with multiple marketing and promotional messages. Including the ones from you. It is getting all the time more difficult to get your prospect’s attention. Hence, when they do react to your advertisement, it is already a valuable lead & hence lead management is must!

Rule of traditional marketing is “Never Drop A Lead Till He/ She says No” mostly because every lead is a cost to the business. Based on the environment of your business, industry, and product/ service type, there is a lead following-up / Lead Tracking pattern. For example, calling X times, then sending Y personalized email reminders, and sending Z mass mailers, before closing the lead.

Customer Relationship Management is software that magnifies operational efficiency, increase strategies, productivity, and client contentment. A CRM assumes an extremely vast part in making one's business fruitful. The software is designed to compile the details of clients across various channels. Being a just the thing and accurate data collection and reporting, this system enables businesses to maintain all their clients records at one single incorporated place, which can be accessed simply by an entire organization.

In the digital world, leads are generated and capture online, and it is extremely recommended that Lead tracking / followed up digitally. A smart mixture of manual interventions and automated modules work well too.

Our CRM encourage you to give improved client profit by staying up with the most recent reputation of customer associations. It is simple to access and user-friendly, so you could deal with your work capably.

The procedure starts by connecting all your digital marketing efforts with a Customer Relationship Management tool and linking each lead to the exact effort that generated it. Next, you can click the lead and add the suggested follow-up steps, like calling on phone, adding a brief about a discussion, setting up a next call date, replying on email, sending news mailers, setting up auto reminders, etc for lead tracking.

At World IT Zone, our CRM Development team for our digital marketing services division has developed an simple to use, Clutter Free Customer Relationship Management system, which is designed to track all your online and offline marketing efforts and present a detailed on dashboard.

World IT Zone CRM Software comprises of a comprehensive functionality that caters to all enterprise requirements for retaining customer support and loyalty, leveraging on the following capabilities for an effective customer management:

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Contact Center Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Service Support Management
  • AMC Management
  • Asset Management
  • Work Shop Management
  • Loyalty Program
  • IT Infrastructure and information assets
  • Gives a competitive edge

Key Features of Customer Relationship Management Lead Management & Lead Tracking

  • Facility to attach all your marketing efforts online
  • Import leads generated offline through events, exhibition, or incoming leads through phone in the lead management module
  • Multi-user facility so that the marketing team can assign leads to the sales team
  • Dashboard for management to see consolidate reports on source of lead generation, cost per lead and revenue in case the lead been converted if not lead tracking status
  • Lead Management Dashboard for sales team indicating calls/ follow-up for the day, along with leads assigned, completed, and pending
  • Detailed list of all leads, date wise, with overdue follow-up leads highlighted, along with contact detail, lead type and lead status
  • Detailed lead page to insert/ add/ edit/ delete call log or status of lead log
  • Facility for sales team to setup Auto Lead tracking Reminders and connect email threads in a common screen
  • Facility to insert news emailers and set a sequence in case you want to send follow-up emails based on the date of lead generation, instead of sending it to all open leads

Why Should You Choose World IT Zone for CRM Software Services in Egypt?

World IT Zone is one of the leading CRM Software Development Companies in Egypt, having 6 years of qualified team of CRM specialist, who take advantage of best practices, technologies, and tools to develop CRM Software. Our robust application assists your business workflow and makes it easier than before. Our qualified team has huge understanding of diverse industries like Public Sector, Utilities, High Tech, etc. and thus, offering CRM development service in Egypt that they actually looking for.

As per business require and changing technology, additional functionality can also be added to the future software.

  • Affordable pricing of Application Development, Maintenance, and Upgrades
  • Developing cost-effective and flexible application to scale your business growth
  • 24*7 Support service through call, chat and mail
  • Technology Competency
  • On-Time Software Delivery
  • Highly Customizable

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