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In today's competitive world, to have the software developed fully that meet the exact purpose is really a necessity for your existence. The software which is not custom made often fail to meet the particular needs of your business as these softwares contains lots of unused features. The results are the loss of time and money. Here is where you must to think of the custom made CRM software/ERP solutions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and UAE that work exclusively for you. Most of the large companies make use of ERP for all kinds of important jobs like the HR management, client Management, accounts management and others.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

CRM is the system/software that manages a company's interactions with its customers or clients with the aim of improving the business relationships. This system is a set of ways and rules to automate and coordinate areas the clients are engaged. I.e. the areas ranging from marketing to sales to support. It makes the clients feel that they are not letting down by not responding their concerns or responding to queries in an actual manner.

  • CRM is the store place of all your client's information in one place.
  • One and all of your members will be able to see the particular point when you have communicated with a customer last time.
  • Able to see the conversation between the employee and customer

ERP Software
Enterprise resource planning or ERP software is a software that is collective with the data which is important and necessary for an organization's working structure. It combines the operations of all the departments in a company for example Manufacturing department, HR department, Production departments, Customer Relationship department, etc. The functioning of all the departments is coordinated and integrated into one system.

The Importance of Custom ERP/CRM
Intended for organization or group of users, this software is developed explicitly to meet the demands and require of a business. These types of software don't fall into the category of software packages that are gladly available in the market for everybody. The development is made to confirm that all your exact requirements are housed in faultless and works in tune with the customer preferences.

And to have the kind of software, you will need the assist of a development firm who can understand, implement and offer inputs in accord with your requirements and needs.

Customized software application for you.
As a reputed CRM development company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and UAE, World IT Zone recognize how significant it is for a company to have the custom made CRM/ERP. Understanding this and adapting to the existing systems and processes, we develop new custom applications that produce perfect results and measures for your business.

We have a pool of specialists who are well competent in selecting, designing and implementing the CRM/ERP properly. We are knowledgeable in offering customized ERP and CRM solutions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and UAE to several companies over the years. Finally, you are getting the freedom to focus on other areas of work while streamlining your organization's activities through this combined Software.

Create tools for your business.

We know that the best solution is the best at all times to implement and our ability to leverage our expertise in this field is surely a factor to count on.

More than just the developers, we stay into your business, know your business, listen to your problems and join with you as one to define the exact and best solutions for you. Thatís where Vector fits in. When your custom crm application software is developed from us, it helps you build a solid foundation for your business/company requirements. The software can be made to high standards and can be done really faster in accord with the agreed time.

The Features highlights the importance of customized application for your business.

  • Designing the Application According to Your Needs
  • Increased Level of Productivity
  • High Level of Traceability
  • High Efficiency
  • Customizations Can be Made
  • Real-time 360 Degree View of Customert
  • Client Management
  • Profitability Tracking
  • Multi- Channel Support
  • Business Process Flow
  • Social Pane
  • Contact Management
  • Opportunity and Pipeline Management

World IT Zone is dedicated in all the realms of business such as Health Care, educational institutions, Sports, Real estate, hospitality etc. The services have been offered in not losing its truthful and reliability, thus making our clients satisfied with our business solutions through minimal cost and maximum benefits.

Wake up to the idea of your own Custom CRM/ERP Software

Havenít you decided to go for your own ERP/CRM to make an impact on your business? Wake up to the idea of executing a new project that actually stand out your business from others.

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